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2023 Sailing Schedule

By clare | August 24, 2022

Join us, as we share our love of sailing in 4 (four) different locations across our beautiful oceans. Croatia  |  British Virgin Islands  |  Tahiti  |  Eastern Caribbean ON-BOARD, your suite has a private bathroom, double bed, and many windows. You can see the beautiful ocean and islands from your bed! Wake up each morning…

calming view from a boat on water

Why We Should All Read ‘Blue Mind’ by Wallace J. Nichols

By clare | May 2, 2022

If you haven’t read Blue Mind by Wallace J. Nichols, put it on your reading bucket list today. Dr. Nichols has put together wisdom he’s gathered over the years about the tremendous benefits of the human relationship with water.  This transformative book is fully entitled: Blue Mind: The Surprising Science That Shows How Being Near, In, On, or…

Poseidon's Temple

Sailing the Cyclades; sailing through the Greek islands

By clare | March 19, 2022

Captain Rod and I spent January in chilly Okoboji, IA. Lake Okoboji is our hang-out usually every summer during hurricane season. It’s the place where I get to hone my sailing skills, sell organic dog cookies, and do a little lake scuba diving while Rod does lake excursions on big power boats loaded with tourists.…

humpback whale

Snorkeling & Diving with the Whales of Moorea

By clare | March 7, 2022

Have you ever heard of the island of Moorea? It’s located in the South Pacific and it is part of French Polynesia’s Society Islands.  But, it’s also a direct neighboring island to Tahiti. It’s known for its jagged volcanic mountains and sandy beaches. View from above at sunset of paradise getaway Moorea, French Polynesia, Tahiti,…

Just a couple of Captains that Love to Cook…and cook for you we do

By robin | January 25, 2021

So we are known for our “island-hopping” but few know of our “culinary cruising” the fact that both of us are total foodies, even with one of us being a pescatarian (fish and veggies only) and the other a complete carnivore. Both of us create dishes from lots of different foods, but we lean towards…

Why we miss the Eastern Caribbean

By Cracker Jack Life | December 7, 2020

We really DO miss the Eastern Caribbean. It’s been a while since we last sailed the Eastern Caribbean. It’s a place that we miss so much, especially with there being so many unique things to see in the area. But we admit that there are plenty of issues when traveling, but the positives clearly outweigh…

The Final Two Watches- Fort Pierce, FL to St. Thomas.

By Cracker Jack Life | January 8, 2020

Night Watch #7 20º02’68N 65º58’91W 1a-4a Wednesday 12/04/19 By now we have been on the water for over seven days, with no outside boat communication beyond what I have received on my INREACH Garmin, and that was only a couple of communications from Robin my Creative Director. This morning’s watch is super easy, we are…

Night Watch 5 & 6 Fort Pierce, FL to St. Thomas

By Cracker Jack Life | January 5, 2020

Night Watch #5 Monday 12/02/19 7p-10p (but started LATE) What a crappy watch this was! Mechanical difficulties with our brand new generator, that had only 8 hours of service on it. This issue made dinner super late, so late that only one person ate dinner and it was one of my favorites as in Tuna Noodle…

1/3 of the way…Night Watches 3 & 4

By Cracker Jack Life | January 3, 2020

Night Watch #3 1 – 4 am Saturday 11/30/19 Kind of a quiet group all day today with 50% of our crew under the weather (that has got to be a mariner term). Stephen has decided to join Rod with headaches and the queezies. I cooked a recipe before the watches began for night 3…

Night Watch #2- Thanksgiving!

By Cracker Jack Life | January 1, 2020

10p-1a – 11/28/19 Holy Frickin’ Moly…how things can change from one watch to the next! It’s been only 24 hours since I left my last watch and this is now the view from my “bedroom window” (not really because I’m in a closed in bimini that covers our cockpit). Tonight we have some large swells…