The Greek islands are grouped into the following clusters: the Argo-Saronic Islands; the Dodecanese; the North Aegean islands; the Sporades and the famous Cyclades-Kikládhes isles, a large but dense collection of islands and islets occupying the central part of the Aegean Sea.

The beautiful Cyclades islands form a circle around the sacred island of Delos where – according to Greek mythology – Poseidon, God of the sea, furious at the Cyclades nymphs turned them into islands!

The Cyclades island group is a perfect choice for your island hopping with Crackerjack Life sailing charter in Greece because it is an astounding combination of lifestyle, culture, history, cuisine, and natural beauty to compete any of the world’s dreamy island escapes.
Sunset on Mykonos
Sunset on Mykonos


  • Depart Athens to Sounion Bay

  • Sounion Bay- A must stop to pay tribute to Poseidon's Temple

  • Syros

  • Kythanos

  • Mykonos

  • Naxos

  • Kea

Fun Shore Excursions

  • Food, food and more food!

  • Experience the local tavernas

  • Beautiful white-washed cities

  • Walk along streets laid with marble

  • The nightlife of Mykonos

  • Converse with locals and understand the true meaning of "It's all Greek to Me!

Streets made of marble in Syros
Streets made of marble in Syros
Poseidon Temple
Poseidon Temple

Package details

  • 7-10 days aboard a luxury sailing catamaran

  • Private air conditioned suites, private bathrooms

  • Two Experienced USCG certified Captains

  • Complete food provisioning service provided---your choice of all meals on board, or only a few meals on board as you enjoy the local culture and cuisine. Your food and libation choices are not included in your package. As a group you will decide on what you would like to eat & drink on board and then we provision your vessel accordingly.

  • On board sporting equipment and toys can be rented, swim floats, snorkels and masks, SUP's, kayaks, and more.

  • Beginning sailing lessons and tips on how to sail.

  • We can arrange for scuba diving with local dive shops.

  • Local knowledge about excursions and activities that will make your vacation spectacular