Just a couple of Captains that Love to Cook…and cook for you we do

So we are known for our “island-hopping” but few know of our “culinary cruising” the fact that both of us are total foodies, even with one of us being a pescatarian (fish and veggies only) and the other a complete carnivore. Both of us create dishes from lots of different foods, but we lean towards colorful plates with multiple veggies, especially those we pick up from local island markets (a must-visit for all our cruisers).


Rod makes some incredible Tacos, so many varieties Turmeric Cauliflower Tacos, turmeric flavored cauliflower tacos with fabulous tahini, lime cumin sauce,  Fish/Avocado Splash Tacos, and Mojito Prawn Tacos, just to name a few.


While my crudité boards should be in a magazine along with my “World Famous” Asian Spring Rolls (world-famous because a friend with lots of followers featured them on a post once!).  What we are saying is that if you have specific culinary desires or wants? food allergies? or simply say “that’s so gross” about a certain food…no problem, we adapt our food menu totally to your dietary wants and needs. Just ask, we are here to serve…literally!



If you are a cilantro-lover this is the meal for you.


Turmeric flavored cauliflower for tacos served with a fabulous tahini, lime cumin sauce.

Shrimp skewers and fresh-caught fish barbecued on the back of the boat.

Taco accompaniments

Local fruits and vegetables make these Cracker Jack Crudité Boards a Captain’s Hour Delight.

Bloody Mary

Rod makes a mean Bloody Mary, and with all the fruits available adult milkshakes are over-the-top refreshing