Night Watch #2- Thanksgiving!

10p-1a – 11/28/19

Holy Frickin’ Moly…how things can change from one watch to the next!

It’s been only 24 hours since I left my last watch and this is now the view from my “bedroom window” (not really because I’m in a closed in bimini that covers our cockpit).

Tonight we have some large swells following us and a much rougher ride. There was some weather up north and whilst we didn’t get any inclement weather we certainly feel the brunt of some larger swells that pick Cracker Jack up and then in ballerina style beautifully slide her down the other side of the wave. This lasts for about 10 minutes and then Swan Lake goes BUMP and the giant flashlight, bottles of ginger ale, emergency ditch bag and part of a toilet go flying below. Living the Dream!

Finally, about an hour later the swells and ballet performance accompanied by the wrecking ball below subsides and I have time to write this blog and finish my watch in more peace than the way it started. At 11:30pm I looked at the chart and we are approximately 45 miles NE of Marsh Harbour & the Abacos. It is very sad how hurricane Dorian destroyed Cracker Jack’s 2018/2019 winter home.

Dinner tonight was brisket, scalloped potatoes and five bean salad with avocado and mozzarella cheese—Rod had looked forward to this dinner, but was feeling under the weather. Seasickness happens to us all eventually, tonight was his night. The end of Night Watch #2 is near as we edge closer to USVI…our exact location is 26°44’72”N 75°51’39”. HAPPY THANKSGIVING Y’ALL!