Sailing the Cyclades; sailing through the Greek islands

Captain Rod and I spent January in chilly Okoboji, IA. Lake Okoboji is our hang-out usually every summer during hurricane season. It’s the place where I get to hone my sailing skills, sell organic dog cookies, and do a little lake scuba diving while Rod does lake excursions on big power boats loaded with tourists. However, during the winter it was empty and gave me some time to get caught up on Cracker Jack Life happenings and share our recent escape sailing Greek islands, and to share our upcoming plans.

Greek Northern Cyclades Escape

Libations in Greece

First, we’d like to share with you some photos from our Greek Northern Cyclades Escape with a wonderful group from Minnesota. These Minnesotans were able to visit five fabulous islands in the Northern Cyclades aboard a 50’ Luxury Cruising Catamaran called “For Sail Away”.

We also call our Northern Cyclades sailing tour a trip for “foodies”.  Greek food, libations, and hospitality are hard to beat. Here Sharon and Steve enjoy a beer together at one of the many fine Grecian libation establishments


Our first excursion was a little island called Sounion and paying homage to Poseidon at his temple. Sounion is located at the southern tip of Greece and sailors stop here before heading out to the open ocean.


The next stop was Kea, where we were weather-locked for three days. We ended up really getting to know this beautiful little gem.


The island of Syros was next. This excursion is an all-time favorite of ours. Beautiful marble streets, backing the boat directly up to the dock (also called a med moor), lowering the gangplank, and letting our guests come and go as they please to enjoy some fabulous food.


Next up was the Instagram-famous Mykonos island. This is a lively island full of partying, great food, and fun. Our group ended up at a couple of nice beach bar locations and shopped until they dropped. We ended up overnighting at Mykonos for two nights.


The last adventure was Kythnos. As we made our way back towards home-base and Kalamaki, we stopped for an overnight at another little beautiful nugget of an island called Kythnos.  Home of some fabulous hot springs that were just a short walk from where we docked our vessel.  Plus, some awesome foosball challenges.


Back Home… of course, we celebrated the completion of a great Greek sailing adventure, new friendships, loads of fabulous photos, and a little R & R.  Big thanks to Sue Durfee for putting together this escape with her friends and crew from Minneapolis. What a memorable trip of a lifetime!

Our nomadic lifestyle and sailing adventures this past year took us to even more breath-taking places that we are adding to our luxury sailing charter escapes’.  We’ll share Croatia pics and adventures in a couple of weeks.

If you want to experience your own memorable trip of a lifetime sailing the Greek Cyclade Islands on a luxury catamaran yacht, contact us today to start planning!

Photographer Jose Marrujo

Many of these fabulous pictures were taken by amateur photographer José Marrujo who was a passenger on the greek trip.

You can see more of his work on instagram. @melgimlet8.
Plus we’ll be featuring more of his photos on an upcoming Cracker Jack Life blog.