Why we miss the Eastern Caribbean

We really DO miss the Eastern Caribbean.

It’s been a while since we last sailed the Eastern Caribbean. It’s a place that we miss so much, especially with there being so many unique things to see in the area. But we admit that there are plenty of issues when traveling, but the positives clearly outweigh the negatives. We’ve got many great reasons why we’re hoping to head to the Eastern Caribbean as soon as some of these COVID restrictions lift. Perhaps you can join us on one of our Cracker Jack Life excursions.

Let’s show you our traveling home for at least a week and often 10 days:

The Opportunity to Explore

Stepping onto the Eastern Caribbean islands, you’ll see the many beautiful beaches and shorelines that many European explorers saw while in search of the New World. Christopher Columbus might have explored the area in the fifteenth century, but even then, there are still many unique experiences and sights to explore while you travel out here. One of those areas is Salt Whistle Bay with a bar called “Last Bar Before the Jungle”.

Last Bar is a unique stop for a refreshment

The Eastern Caribbean features more than seven thousand islands from about thirty nations. Some of these islands are uninhabited, while others are populated with appealing resorts and villages. You never know what you’ll come across when visiting this area of the world, however, on our Cracker Jack Life travels we tend to lean towards less inhabited.

The intrigue of the land and the untouched spaces all around make it one of the best places in the world to visit.

The Beautiful Lifestyle

The enjoyable lifestyles of the Eastern Caribbean islands are ones all people envy. We’ve always been amazed at the carefree and positive attitudes people hold throughout the land.

You’ll see the striking cathedrals and pedestrian roads of St. John on Antigua or the shops of Castries on St. Lucia. The spices markets of St. George’s in Grenada are a sight to see, and smell.

The influences of France and the West Indies make for some appealing spots to see. You’ll find many attractive shops, dining spots, rainforests, and colonial towns. And ooohhhh those baguettes…

The things to explore in the Eastern Caribbean show how beautiful the islands are and what makes them distinct. The lifestyles of the Eastern Caribbean are among our favorite things here, as we enjoy relaxing and taking advantage of the finer things in life.

beautiful white sand beaches

Your Private Beaches

Beaches on the mainland can be crowded and tough to navigate. But everything changes when you come with us to the Eastern Caribbean, you’ll probably get your own private beach a couple of times.

The white sand beaches around the Eastern Caribbean are unspoiled and wide open. With so many islands, you’ll find a place you will enjoy.

The deserted islands on St. Vincent and the Grenadines are places we still think about each day. The beaches out there are unlike anything we see on the mainland.

You can’t see some of these places on the mainland. It’s hard enough to find a nice place to relax back home. The Eastern Caribbean is different, as it provides a more relaxing way to enjoy life.

Great Places To Swim

It’s hard to find places for swimming back home that are quite like what you’d find in the Eastern Caribbean islands. One thing we miss about the area is the safe and quaint places for swimming that stand out from the rest of the world.

In some areas of the Eastern Caribbean you are surrounded by  small pools and clean waters. These beautiful sites are ideal for swimming and sailing on a Cracker Jack Charter.

Finding Unique Wildlife

The problem with trying to find beautiful wildlife on the mainland is that it’s often tough to do this due to people having infiltrated so many places where animals live. The animals you do find might not be interesting, nor are they friendly.

Everything changes when you’re in the Eastern Caribbean. Go diving, and you’ll find many schools of fish and other unique forms of aquatic life. Head to the shore to see various land turtles with distinct spots on their bodies. The attractive features around the Eastern Caribbean are perfect habitats for wildlife, and you won’t find these on the mainland, like you would here.

What Don’t We Miss?

We admit that life isn’t perfect everywhere, and the Eastern Caribbean is a part of this point. It’s often tough to predict the weather, especially considering how the winds can be a challenge at times. Our sailing catamarans need to utilize the right conditions to travel well. But enjoying a trip on a catamaran is more appealing than if you tried using a power boat that would scare away the wildlife and would make annoying noises.

The heat can be tough at times as well. Since you’re closer to the equator than you are while on the mainland, you might come across intense heat. You can always cool off in the water, but even that can be tough at times. But the heat isn’t always an issue, as the conditions can become a little more relaxed as the year progresses.

It’s Not Too Late To Book a Trip

While it’s not easy to head out to the Eastern Caribbean at this point, it will be easier for you to get out here in the future. You can book a cruise with Cracker Jack Charter to head to the Eastern Caribbean soon. Your travel to the Eastern Caribbean will provide a great opportunity to enjoy an attractive experience.

Now is not the time to travel on a cruise ship, what with these ships having become controversial, not to mention there’s no guarantee they will be sailing anytime soon. But planning a trip on a smaller sailing catamaran with us at Cracker Jack an even greater opportunity. You’ll love the excitement of a trip to the Eastern Caribbean when it’s ready once more.